Penwood 232


Profile width 75 mm double rail frame an 92,5mm single rail frame, 50mm sliding system sash profile
Number of chambers 3
Profile class B Class (TS EN 12608-1)
Seal Type The insulated bristle wick system
Glass thickness (mm) 4-6, 20, 24 mm
The thermal insulation Uf : 1,43 W/m²K

Ant. Grey ST 508

Ant. Grey AS 508

Dark Black AS 520

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Natural Oak HR 570

Grey Sand AS 509

Grey Sand ST 509

Mahogany ST 504

Silver Teak SB 513

Ant. Grey ST 516

Silver Brush SB 518

White ST 517

Dark Black ST 520

P.Golden Oak ST 540

P.Dark Oak ST 541

Moss Green ST 521

Lake Blue ST 522


just for your home

75 mm double rail frame and 92,5 mm single rail frame, 50mm sliding system sash profile.

No need for reinforcement cutting screwing unit and workman.

Compared with metal reinforcement system profile Penwood systems have % 30 more advantage with max heat - sound and water insulation.

Just cut and weld. You do not need Metal Reinforcement and extra stock area for Metal Reinforcement.

It has water drainage channel, it can be directly drilled after cutting.

The medium locked sash with a seal system.

Application of single glaze (4-6 mm) and insulating glass 20-24 mm by grey sealed glazing beads in different tickness.

In addittion to main white profile, it has a different laminated color range.

It’s quality is accredited by national and international certificate.