The symbol of Wintech’s perfectionism in production is promoting the customer satisfaction by producing quality profiles and delivering these products to anywhere through its widespread suppliers network. “Producing a high quality PVC profile” for Wintech means combining raw material of high quality with the most advanced production techniques in the hands of an experienced expert staff in a good establishment with perfect organization.

A special compound is prepared by adding the PVC raw material, produced with polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, components providing impact resistance, color pigments, stabilizer and other filling materials. The preparation of this special compound by ing high quality additives is the first step to the production of Wintech profiles.

This compound is processed by the high tech extruders and perfect Wintech tooling components and double sided protective folios and, then converted into Wintech profile. Before the further stages, the newly manufactured profiles are tested for impact resistance, corner endurance, welding coherence, dimension changes after keeping in a hot area, reaction after keeping in a hot area, color originality (aging) under different thermal conditions, determination of temperature, strike resistance, mechanical endurance to weather conditions. The physical appearance, color, brightness, dimensions and surfaces are regularly tested.

The impact resistant, unfading and easily cleaned Wintech profiles are packed up and stored for the next stage of PVC joinery.

What makes the difference for Wintech joinery is the perfect combination of extreme sensitivity, elaborate mastery and high tech production technologies applied on high quality window profiles. The resistance, heat and sound insulation, comfort in usage, healthy penetration of sunlight, aesthetic design and color provisions are all related to Wintech’s perfect production techniques. Thanks to its eligibility to international norms, the exporting of PVC joinery systems to various countries all over the world prove that Wintech meets the needs for all kinds of expectations for window related products all over the world.