The high level of concentrated chloride proportion in PVC compound makes the PVC compound hard to blaze and emit very little amount of heat compared to other inflammable materials in case of flaring up. The gases leaking out in case of inflammation of PVC products carry no special risk for the building’s functions. Therefore, the insurance companies have the same equivalence value for the PVC compound and other construction materials.

In fire cases thus far, it has been observed the PVC windows do not virtually burn, however the wooden windows catch fire easily burned altogether. The temperature for inflammation of  PVC compound is 150′C higher than the wooden windows

VC Concentration Boundary Values in PVC Production

The permissible concentration rate of VC at workplaces and their environments was 500 ppm in the year 1966, however today the value is 3 ppm. This ratio has been decreased to 1 ppm thanks to the technical precautions. As a result, they avoid any kind of risk of cancer in PVC

The Cost of PVC Usage in Constructions and Comparison with Alternative Methods

The complete cycle beginning from raw material usage for products to final waste product evaluation is taken into consideration in comparison of alternative products used for specific purposes today. This type of evaluation is called “ecological clearance”. The ecological clearance of Aluminum, PVC and wooden windows prove that PVC products are the most environment-friendly products.

The amount of energy used in PVC and wooden window production is almost the same, while the energy used for aluminum doubles the amount for production of a similar window.