Wintech, producer of PVC window systems, PVC profiles, wooden composite door systems, composite panel and mould products, aluminium building materials, window and door accessory systems, PVC drilling pipes, scaffold and formwork systems, being aware of its environmental responsibilities, tries to determine the appropriate methods for determining the environmental effects of its activities and to prevent possible negative effects from emerging in all stages and processes passing from each step of the production to the completion of the transportation and put them into action in all countries where Wintech conducts its production activities. Wintech will continue to conduct all of its activities with environmental awareness and sensitivity.


In order to reach that goal, principally, Wintech is;

Complying with all local and international regulations and administrative arrangements regarding environmental issues,


Establishing generally accepted environment management systems, allocating resources required for applying those efficiently and ensuring its sustainability,


Using energy and natural resources at most optimum levels,


Following the environment criteria for  raw auxiliary materials used and restraining the negative effects of those materials,


Preventing pollution, decreasing wastes, and ensuring maximum recycling by separating at the root source,


Ensuring awareness, training its employees adequately on environmental issues,


Keeping transparent in operations and taking the expectations of all stakeholders into account,


Taking the environmental factors into account in new investments and projects,


Continuously improving the environmental performance..


We determine new targets every year for a clean environment and healthy future. Even though our primary target is to produce less waste as much as possible, we classify the wastes we create during production, try to recover them, dispose the waste the recovery of which can’t be made according to the laws and such that the environment is not damaged. Our R&D studies are continued uninterrupted for products for which there are high recycling ability.. Maximum care is devoted for the recycling of the waste materials formed in the production of our products.


We try to develop new methods for minimizing the natural resource usage and waste production to the lowest level possible and we aim to prevent the environmental pollution with environment friendly projects and to ensure the sustainability of the systems established in the scope of protecting environment.